Monday, December 13, 2010

Glitter Ornaments

I just discovered that this post never posted.  I had scheduled it for the 13th, but I apparently hit "save" instead of "schedule."  Oh well.  Here ya go!

I have been wanting to make these ornaments for some time.  They are quite popular on the Cricut message board.  And it turns out they are easy to make!  All you need are ornaments, glitter, and floor wax.  I bought a 12-pack of Tree House Studio plastic ornaments from Hobby Lobby a couple of weeks ago when they were on sale 50% off.  I knew I needed the plastic ones with a 2 year old afoot!  I also bought a package of Tree House Studio ultra fine glitter using my 40% off coupon.  I used Mop & Glo Multi-Surface Floor Cleaner.  On the Cricut boards, the Pledge with Future Shine is most often used, but it was more expensive and I had a coupon for the Mop & Glo.  I wanted to spend as little money as possible, in case I messed up the ornaments.

So, I started with this:

And ended up with these:

To make them, remove the ornament cap.  Pour a small amount of the floor cleaner into the ornament.  Swish it around and make sure it covers the entire inside surface of the ornament.  Then pour the excess out.  (Pour it back into the bottle to be reused!)  I then set the ornament upside down on the floor cleaner bottle and let it drain well.  (I also used an empty yogurt container so I could have two ornaments draining at one time.)  One thing I noticed, if there is any excess that pools in the ornament, the glitter will be concentrated in that spot.  Pour a good amount of glitter into the ornament.  Twirl the ornament around until the inside is covered.  Add more glitter if necessary.  It does take a lot!  I made a little cap of aluminum foil and placed it on the ornament so I could turn it upside down and make sure there was good glitter coverage near the top of the ornament.  Pour out any excess glitter (again, saving it to be reused!).  Replace the ornament cap, and you're done!

Here are a couple of close ups:

I'm debating whether I want to get some vinyl and cut out phrases such as Merry Christmas, Noel, Peace, Joy, etc., and put on the outside of the ornaments.  I've never used vinyl before, so I'm not sure.  If I do, I'll be sure to post the final creations!

Thanks for visiting!  Have a great day!

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